Buying a Ford in London?

A new Ford dealership in London, A.B. Greer and Sons, sent out a letter in 1916 to invite customers to inspect the latest Ford models in their showroom on the corner of York and Talbot streets. The letter was reused for personal correspondence in 1917, to conserve resources.

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The Sarnia Refiner

The Sarnia Refiner was the corporate magazine of the Imperial Oil Limited plant in Sarnia, Ontario. Throughout the Second World War, Sarnia was a significant hub of energy production and chemical manufacturing, both of which were essential in efforts to sustain both war efforts and the domestic economy. 

The War Finance Worker

The National War Finance Committee published this guide for finance workers during the Second World War to provide them with "the information necessary to the effective performance of his duties" in the national program of saving and lending. This program was created by the Government of Canada and directed by the National War Finance Committee.

Unemployment Insurance Commission Benefits Sheet

An informative booklet that covers the basics on how to apply for unemployment insurance, a new form of social welfare necessary to address some of the new realities of Canadian society following the end of the Second World War. This informative sheet mentions the active service time that could count towards the unemployment benefits time frame for application. 

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Employee's Insurance Plan

The De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited Company was responsible for the creation of one of the most widely used training aircrafts by the British Commonwealth. This employee's insurance plan would have been the one in place for workers during the early years of the Second World War. 

Westinghouse Employee's Magazine

This corporate publication by Westinghouse for its employees mentioned the importance to buy war bonds to its staff. It also decided to highlight the increased role of women in the company, and society as a whole, during war time. 

FLASH Eaton's Staff News

The Eaton name probably rings familiar to many Canadians today. It did so even more during the middle of the twentieth century. At the time of the publication of this staff newsletter, Eaton's was Canada's largest department store. This particular edition of the staff news showcased the company's effort to support the 8th Victory Loan. In addition to this, the newsletter also features a two-page article on the ladies of the Eaton Employees' War Auxiliaries and their work overseas.

White Rose News

The Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. published their second volume of the 'White Rose News', the business's newsletter for the employees of the company. This number from Spring 1941 focuses on what the Canadian Oil Companies Ltd can do to help in the Canadian war effort. This preoccupation was common among big and small businesses: everyone was called on to help achieve victory, whether through enlistment and active service, or through the maintenance of a strong wartime economy spearheaded by profitable economic activities.

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What if I lose my job?

The Second World War brought many changes to Canada, including the advent of a program of unemployment insurance. This booklet explained what was, at the time, a revolutionary system of social welfare.

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Halifax powers the war

Prevented from doing so during the Second World War because of the need for secrecy, Nova Scotia Light and Power later told its war story in a series of radio broadcasts, and then condensed the broadcasts into a fully illustrated souvenir magazine in 1946.