Canada's Rally Song

This rally song by Dora C. Kenyon was published in 1914, after the First World War had begun, in London, Ontario.

Songs for Legion Services

This song sheet was used by the Canadian Legion for their War Services following the Second World War

Songs of a Sergeant

This book of songs was written by Sergeant J. Atherton, with illustrations by Private H.S. Davis. It was published by the Office of the Franklin Press in Calgary, Alberta.

The Rose of No Man's Land

Music sheet for the popular song The Rose of No Man's Land by the well-known publishing house Leo Feist. 

"Shout! Wherever You May Be I AM A CANADIAN"

The song "Shout! Wherever You May Be I AM A CANADIAN" brought patriotism directly to the living rooms of many Canadians thanks to the Happy Gang.

The Happy Gang was one of the most well-known and successful entertainment acts of the mid 20th Century in Canada, aired by the CBC. The show featured energetic live musical performances and comedy skits, and would have included renditions of songs such as "I AM A CANADIAN."


"They fly, they sing, as they rise on the wing"

This song probably reached Canadian stores during the Battle of Britain in 1940, when the defence of the British Isles from German bombing attacks fell to fighter pilots from Britain and the Empire.

The grandest war song ever written

The fortunes of Britain's war effort were low when this song was published in 1941, and they would get lower the following year - no matter how proud the world was of England.

V for Victory

"Dot dot dot dash" became one of the most recognizable identifiers of the Allied war effort, and could be found on countless kinds of consumer goods - including sheet music.

From a mother to her son

In its sentiment and language, this sheet music could easily have come from the First World War - only the faint image of the tank on the cover places it in the Second World War.

"Hitler - you'll feel much littler"

This song version of the famous military march "Colonel Bogey" was recorded by the Happy Gang, one of the most popular entertainment acts in Second World War Canada.

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