Wartime Canada’s Education section provides lesson plans that help effectively utilize our comprehensive collection of documents in the classroom to meet a variety of provincial curriculum expectations.

Finding a lesson plan is as easy as selecting a content area that you want to supplement with rich historical documents to provide your students with the experience of being a real historian. The aim of each lesson is to be flexible, depending on the teacher's own style and goals, while providing direction in terms of how best to utilize the historical documents available. The goal of the education section is to address a variety of curriculum expectations across various provinces. Since the study of the two world wars is often confined to intermediate and senior grades, lesson content and expectations will be geared to grades six through twelve.

A number of the lesson plans will occupy no particular category, but will be useful in teaching your students curriculum expectation that fall under the methodology of the study of history - the Historian’s Craft. These lesson will guide students in analyzing primary documents, identifying perspective, gathering information, organizing research, formulating arguments, and presenting facts, ideas and arguments through a variety of media.  Other lessons will fall under more than one topic.  To locate a specific topic feel free to browse through the selection or use the search function.

If you cannot find a lesson plan that suits your desired topic, want to suggest revisions or additions, or want more information regarding the lesson plan format and design, please use the Contact Us page on the website.