Conservation of Life

The Commission of Conservation Canada was created to provide Canadian governments with relevant scientific information regarding the conservation of both natural and human resources, which included the well-being of Canadians on a physical level. This issue of Conservation of Life published in April, 1919 had several focuses; maternity, morality, and health. 

Kinmel Park Identification Ticket

Soldiers received identification tickets at the military camp, Kinmel Park, in Wales during demobilization. This card was issued to F.D. Philip of the 15th Battery CFA. 

CPR Movement of Returned Soldiers

The Canadian Pacific Railway was used to send soldiers home after demobilization. Cards like this were given to soldiers for identification for the large movement of troops. This card was given to F.D. Philip of the 15th Battery CFA. 

Troops Mess Card

Upon demobilization, troops were given vouchers for meals aboard ships on their return home. This troops mess card was given to William Winter, of the 79th battery of the CFA. He was discharged back to Canada in March, 1919, on the H.M.T Royal George, his room is written on the back as; deck E, section 3, bunk #325. 

Troops Mess Card.pdf (522.35 KB)

Employment Card

Disability employment cards were given to soldiers discharged medically unfit to direct them to the local committee they should apply to for aid upon their return.

Employment Card.pdf (707.55 KB)

Wounded Soldiers on Leave

This image features two disabled Canadian soldiers on leave in an unidentified American city. 

Discharge Depot

Wounded Canadian soldiers were honourably discharged if unable to return to duty. This photo taken on 2 September, 1916, at the discharge depot in Quebec, featured many soldiers with canes.

Wounded Soldiers on Parade

This photo is an example of the type of public reaction wounded and returning soldiers received from the public. This parade was held on 12 November, 1915. 

Convalescent Patients

Before being discharged home, wounded soldiers spent their time at convalescent hospitals. This group of soldiers were at the Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital in Weston Favell, United Kingdom.

Military Convalescent Hospital Epsom

This military convalescent camp in Woodcote Park, Epsom, was one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. This brochure features numerous images of the camps amenities and its patients.