Veterans Programs

To the Soldier Returning to Canada

Following the First World War, veterans were experiencing several new challenges as they assimilated back into civilian life such as mental illness, physical disability, and unemployment. This booklet attempted to provide returning soldiers with the information they needed to get home quickly, where to receive care, and where to find employment.

Back to Civil Life

This booklet, published after the Second World War, aimed to help returning soldiers with a number of the challenges they faced. This included information about training/education programs, job placements, healthcare, pensions, and more.

Back to Civies

Soldiers returning home from overseas were often faced with many issues when they arrived in Canada. Many were wounded, unemployed, or had simply forgotten how to live in the 'civies' after being away for so long. This booklet, published by the Soldiers' Aid Commission, attempts to help soldiers with these issues. Various organizations, and the services they offered, were included in this book - all of which were free of cost to returning soldiers.

The Special Committee on Veterans Affairs

The Committee worked on an act that would extend loans to veterans in order to assist them in establishing themselves in business or professionally following their discharge. Notably, the Committee recommended that the House of Commons consider the extension of veterans' benefits to former members of the Merchant Marine.

War Veterans Allowance Act, 1952

Important Act regarding the different allowances for War Veterans and their dependants passed by Canadian Parliament in 1952. Both amendments and new considerations were included in this Act, adding a new and revised table of allowances according to various classes of recipients. 

War Veterans Allowances

This booklet provides a summary of the provisions found in several pieces of legislation affecting former and active members of the Canadian Forces. The War Veterans Allowance Act, the Civilian War Pensions and the Allowances Act are all summarized, in part or in whole in this booklet. Topics of interest to veterans and family members include eligibility, different allowances and possible rates of pay and general information. 

War Veterans Allowances and The Assistance Fund

This booklet was published as a point of reference for veterans and others, such as widows and orphans, to determine eligibility to the War Veterans Allowance program first established by the Canadian Government in 1930. The booklet also outlines the main rules governing the payment of allowances and other generalities of the Act. 

Getting a head-start on peace

Long before the Second World War was won, Canadians in uniform could take advantage of educational courses that might point them towards postwar employment.

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To all who served

Part of the Veterans Charter that emerged from the Second World War was low-cost life insurance for veterans and their families - as explained in this short booklet.

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A tailor looks for work

To assist ex-soldiers in finding work, the federal government provided introduction cards to be given to prospective employers. Henry Royle of Vancouver was interested in resuming his prewar trade: tailoring.