Church Magazines

Rebuilding after the Halifax Explosion

The Grove Presbyterian Church and the Kaye Street Methodist Church were destroyed in the Halifax Explosion of December 1917; after the war, parishioners united to build one church to serve both congregations.

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For Catholics in uniform

Published by the Canadian Forces' Chaplain's Aid, this bilingual magazine featured secular as well as religious content: messages from Catholic clerics, news on the work of chaplains in various theatres of operations, a sports column, and, in this issue, an article on the problem of venereal disease.

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"The Nation and The War"

Although it was printed in 1942, this evangelical pamphlet relied heavily on the First World War in its discussion of the role of the British nation in wartime.

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The Sentinel - Niagara Street Church of Christ

This 1943 bulletin from a Niagara Falls, Ontario, church predicted that Psalm 139 was a favourite of soldiers.