Certificates and Awards

The War Needs Science and Engineering Students

During the Second World War, the University of Alberta published this letter calling on recent high school graduates to enter science or engineering programs in order to help the Canadian war effort. Financial aid was offered for those candidates, men or women, who demonstrated financial need and academic excellence.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The Red Cross Conservation Department was responsible for saving waste material - everything from fat and bones to scrap metal - to be turned into weapons. Collecting such things was a popular activity for schoolchildren.

Fighting the war in schools

Like most children, the students of Lord Roberts School in London, Ontario, were deeply involved in supporting the war effort, through collecting scrap paper, raising money for the Canadian Red Cross Society, or donating money to buy airplanes.

Recognizing children's contributions

Certificates like these were given to schoolchildren as a way to recognize their contribution to the war effort, and to ensure that they felt included in the struggle.

Commencement exercises in St Stephen, New Brunswick

St Stephen High School in New Brunswick honoured the graduating class of 1916 just days before the beginning of the Somme Offensive.