Base and Unit Newspapers

Another day at Ipperwash

Part II Orders dealt with personnel matters - appointments, hospitalizations, leaves, absences, courts martial, and any other change in status involving an individual in camp.

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Hockey dominates the news pages

The newspaper of HMCS York, billed as "Canada's No. 1 Navy Weekly", was dominated by sports news, with war bulletins and political news items thrown in for good measure.

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From Montreal to the Western Front

The formal group portrait was a ritual of service during the First World War. This draft of artillerymen, destined to reinforce units at the front, includes a number of men who appear far too young, and perhaps under the height restrictions, for military service.

Training airmen in BC

Patricia Bay was the wartime home of the Royal Air Force's 32 Operational Training Unit, which trained airmen from Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, an RCAF training unit, and a seaplane base. "The Patrician" was the publication of the RAF community.

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Welcome to Carberry

During the Second World War, Carberry, Manitoba, hosted a Service Flying Training School of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. This book was published to introduce incoming students to the town and its people, and to recognize their contribution to the Allied war effort.

Inside an artillery battery

Like most First World War unit publications, this magazine combined cartoons, jokes, amusing stories, and battery news. A regular feature was "Things We Would Like to Know", which included the question "Why is it we're always on the move? Can't we pay the rent?"

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News for signallers

Printed after the end of the Second World War in Europe, this issue covered demobilization policy, sports news, entertainment, and an exhortation to vote in the 1945 federal election.

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News for the Nova Scotia Highlanders

"The Thistle," published by Nova Scotia's 85th Battalion, provided a mixture of battalion news, humour, and advertisements directed at soldiers.

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RCAF Training Review

This newspaper, published on the authority of the Air Member for Training, circulated to training schools and reported on flying, navigation, aircraft, meteorology, armament, and radio developments.

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Clerks at war

This in-house newsletter, printed at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa, highlights a different war experience: that of the clerks who managed the avalanche of paperwork that was necessary to make a modern army function.

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