Base and Unit Newspapers

The Armourer

The Armourer O.T.C was a local newspaper in Brockville, Ontario that published regional and war-related articles. This edition features titles like "Trained Soldiers' Wing" and "Brockville — The Home of the O.T.C"

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The Busy East

This is a collection of extracts from a local newspaper in Sackville, New Brunswick from August 1917. The extracts are of various poems from the original edition.

The Signalman

During the Second World War, a Signalman was someone who decoded and transmitted messages using flags and/or morse code. This magazine was published by the Canadian Signal Training Centre. It includes regional stories, accounts from Vimy Ridge, as well as articles on major contemporary events like the Crimea Conference.

The Manitoba Veteran

The Manitoba Veteran was published by the Great War Veteran Association following the First World War. It mostly covered political and military news in Manitoba, but occasionally touched on national and global stories.

Aldershot News - Vol. 1, No. 9

The November 1943 edition of the Aldershot News covers various  articles, most of which share updates in the lives of local soldiers and veterans, as well as short stories and obituaries.

The CCS Review

The Canadian Army Medical Corps and British Expeditionary Force published the CCS Review from the casualty clearing stations close to the frontlines. These stations were to assess and treat wounded soldiers from the front, those of able body were returned their units, others were sent to a field hospital.

Control Calling

Control Calling was a newsletter printed at the R.A.F. Woolsington Airfield and Base near Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. This station welcomed many Allied soldiers as part of training exchange programs during the Second World War, hosting too several Canadian R.C.A.F. servicemen. 

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"The Tank" Canada - A Magazine

At Camp Borden, the Canadian Armoured Corps had its own magazine and newsletter, The Tank, whose articles covered personal experiences, impressions of individuals serving overseas (including the experiences of an Indian Army officer), creative writing, and news from different units.

News from the Brockville OTC

The Officers' Training Centre in Brockville, Ontario, commanded by First World War Victoria Cross winner Milton Gregg, prided itself on very high standards - and celebrated its achievements in its monthly magazine The BMA Blitz.

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The Kiltie

The Kiltie was the magazine of the 134th Canadian Infantry Battalion, which had been raised by the 48th Highlanders from Toronto, Ontario. This edition was published for Christmas 1917, their second overseas.

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