War and the Maritime Provinces

This study was commissioned in 1940 "to help people make up their minds about future policy." The Keirsteads apologized if the final product was "a bit patchy and dull", but asked for forbearance in view of the importance of the subject.

Re Shortage of Power

In the First World War, some businesses reported power shortages in the province of Ontario, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association were tasked with looking into the issue. 

Plans for post-war Canada

By 1917, Sir George Foster, the Minister of Trade and Commerce, called for a National Business Conference to discuss the potential damage of the First World War to the Canadian economy, and the steps to take to combat the ramifications. 

The Crisis

The federal government encouraged Canadians to preserve resources in 1918. This brochure urged Canadians to preserve their food stuffs to ensure there was enough for soldiers fighting overseas. 

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Newcastle’s Financials 1918

The annual statement of the town of Newcastle, New Brunswick from the year 1918 details where the town’s money went and how much was spent in the final year of the First World War.

Ford Dealership in London

The new Ford dealers for the City of London, A.B. Greer and Sons, sent out a letter in 1916, that ensured access to the latest Ford models in their showroom on the corner of York and Talbot St. The letter was reused for personal correspondence in 1917, to conserve resources.

Ford Dealers.pdf (3.48 MB)

The Sarnia Refiner

The Sarnia Refiner was the corporate magazine of the Imperial Oil Limited plant in Sarnia, Ontario. Throughout the Second World War, Sarnia was a significant hub of energy production and chemical manufacturing, both of which were essential in efforts to sustain both war efforts and the domestic economy. 

The War Finance Worker

The National War Finance Committee published this guide for finance workers during the Second World War to provide them with "the information necessary to the effective performance of his duties" in the national program of saving and lending. This program was created by the Government of Canada and directed by the National War Finance Committee.

Unemployment Insurance Commission Benefits Sheet

An informative booklet that covers the basics on how to apply for unemployment insurance, a new form of social welfare necessary to address some of the new realities of Canadian society following the end of the Second World War. This informative sheet mentions the active service time that could count towards the unemployment benefits time frame for application. 

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Employee's Insurance Plan

The De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited Company was responsible for the creation of one of the most widely used training aircrafts by the British Commonwealth. This employee's insurance plan would have been the one in place for workers during the early years of the Second World War.