Magazine published by the 2nd Canadian Base Reinforcement Group which featured news about the Canadian Army, stories of interest to members of the armed forces abroad, events and sports. 

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Mean Scamp-f: A Humorous Pictorial Record of the War

This collection of comic strips by Harry Hall, a soldier of WWI, provides a humorous depiction of the war so far and mercilessly mocks enemy leaders.

Birthday in the clink

Second World War cartoons poked fun at serious subjects, such as military discipline, equipment problems, and the rules and regulations that governed military life.

Canadians in uniform

In this series from the Second World War, an Ottawa printer presented archetypes of young Canadian soldiers and airmen.

The 54th Battalion takes the field

This postcard, sent home by a soldier of British Columbia's 54th Battalion, is typical of the generic postcards that were printed with the names of dozens of different units.

Three battalions, one cartoon

Different British publishers used the same cartoon to produce cards for the 32nd Battalion from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the 48th Battalion, from Toronto, Ontario, and the 59th Battalion, from Brockville, Ontario.

A Nova Scotia cartoonist on the Kaiser

Kenneth Browne of Windsor, Nova Scotia, served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during the First World War, and published a collection of his own cartoons upon his return home.

The Imperial family

The relationship between Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as seen by a First World War graphic artist.

Scoring on the Kaiser

During the First World War, it was common to draw the connection between sport and war - as in the postcard featuring a Union Jack soccer ball.

Army life in 1914

Printed early in the First World War to satirize army life, these cards were mailed by a soldier at Valcartier, Quebec, to his family in Melfort, Saskatchewan.