Homestead Inspection

In this letter, the Department of the Interior is investigating a man named Albert Formo, with the intention of "making careful enquiry as to whether the entrant is on active service, or a returned soldier." Apparently he was neither, but it is not clear if this affected his tenure on the land.

Feeding the cause of righteousness

In 1918, in recognition of the importance of food to the Allied war effort, the province of Prince Edward island proclaimed the week of 22 April to be "a week of Dedication and Preparation" for the coming planting season.

Helping out on the farm

With so many labourers in uniform during the Second World War, Ontario's farmers desperately needed workers to help bring in the harvest - hence this appeal to "store keepers, professional men, retired folk, industrial workers, housewives and young men at home."

Farm Commando.pdf (16.97 MB)

Reduce wheat production

During the First World War, many farmers intensified their production of wheat, which created long-term problems for the prairie economy. The government was determined not to repeat that mistake during the Second World War, and encouraged farmers to turn their acreage to other crops.

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The state of Canadian farming

This booklet surveyed the past, present and future of Canadian agriculture in light of events of the Second World War.

Canada feeds the Allies

This 1918 pamphlet outlined the extent of Canada's agricultural contribution to feeding the Allied nations in the First World War.

Behind the scenes on butter

A collection of stamps, an envelope, a letter, and a certification card regarding the production of rationed butter.

Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)

From steelworker to soldier to farmer

The Soldier Settlement Board aimed to turn ex-soldiers of the First World War into farmers, something it did with only limited success. This record, kept by Joseph Morrison of Launching, Prince Edward Island, details his farming successes and failures in 1922.