Marconi Radiotrons Substitution List

This pamphlet was published by Marconi, the company responsible for patenting the radio in 1904. This specific pamphlet was a substitution list for replacement 'radio tubes'. Radio tubes generate and amplify radio-frequencies, but have a temporary shelf life and need to be replaced periodically. Before the introduction of television, and especially during wartime, having functional radios was crucial for any family.

For the off-duty officer

During the Second World War, Morny, an up-scale pharmacy and parfumerie, published this tourist guide for Officers in His Majesty's Armed Forces and the Civil Defence Forces on leave in London. This one was probably acquired by a Canadian officer newly arrived in Britain. 

Philatopic Monthly

This publication by the Empire Stamp Company featured rare stamps, upcoming new stamps, and general news of interest to philatelists. During the Second World War, stamps became an important element of supporting the war effort at home. Philatopic Monthly followed closely the release of new war stamps by the War Savings Committee in Ottawa, with this issue providing a discussion of what the new stamps could look like. 

A wheeled army

Vehicles were used for military maneuvers and reviews when not employed in the field. The of touring cars and military trucks were used by Canadian soldiers in training at Camp Hughes, Manitoba. In the other photos, the Duchess and Princess of Connaught were transported alongside the Duke of Connaught, Canada's Governor-General, for a review in Vernon, British Columbia, in 1916.

Vehicles in the Field

Vehicles such as bicycles, tanks, armoured cars, and trucks and were used extensively in the field throughout the First World War to  move people, weapons, and supplies - and to take part in battle.

"Grampian Gossip"

HMT Grampian was a steam ship owned by Allan Line Steam Ships Company and used as a troop carrier during the First World War. It carried Canadian troops to and from Europe, and at least one voyage produced this little shipboard newsletter.

Personal Vehicles

Personal motorized vehicles were a luxury few Canadians could afford at the start of the twentieth century. Many owners enjoyed showing off their vehicles, like the farmers posed inside their vehicles in these photos. 

Trucks on Parade

Trucks and other vehicles were utilized as parade floats during the First World War. The first photo is a decorated truck on parade for Lambton county's 149th Battalion, in Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario.

The Cunard Bulletin

The Cunard Bulletin was a newspaper distributed aboard the vessels of the Cunard Line. This issue was published on the ship Carmania, and was likely picked up by a soldier on his return home to Canada for demobilization.

Protection Assured

Many insurance companies offered coverage to Canadian soldiers who enlisted for military service during the First World War. And the ink blotter was an effective advertising medium in the days of fountain pens.