Orders of Service

Patriotic Service for Sunday Schools

This order of service from June 1919 honoured the soldiers and veterans who fought in the Great War.

Hymns for the CEF

This prayer book issued by the Principal Chaplain’s Office in 1916, for soldiers of the CEF, featured the national anthem O Canada.

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On Active Service from St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, prepared this prayer pamphlet to commemorate those members of the church who died on active service, or went missing in action. Inside the pamphlet, worshippers also found the names of all fellow church members still serving in the Canadian military or recently retired from service.

VE Day in Edmonton

The Alberta capital celebrated victory in the war against Nazi Germany with a public service of thanksgiving in May 1945.

D-Day ... ten years after

On the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, veterans in Gravenhurst, Ontario, organized a church service to mark the occasion.

Giving thanks for peace

Across the Allied world in May 1945, communities like Chesley, Ontario, gathered to give thanks for the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Order of Divine Service for the Canadian Army

The order of service used by the Canadian Army on all occasions except regular church service.

Awaiting the end of the war

Even before the Second World War ended, the Canadian Council of Churches had prepared an order of service that could be used to celebrate the occasion, whenever it came.

Raising funds for Sunday School

The Sunday School Fund of the Methodist Church in Canada relied on the annual Rally Day service as its only source of funds. The program for 1916 referred to the difficulty of raising money for traditional causes when there was so much pressure to donate to the war effort.

"In Memory of Those Sons of the Empire"

Veterans in Morden, Manitoba, organized an annual service "In Memory of Those Sons of the Empire Who Gave Their Lives for Their King and Country in Great War and Other Campaigns."