Special Constable L.T. Bradley - WWII Souvenirs

These files have a series of newspaper articles, telegrams, letters, and photographs of/about Special Constable Lloyd T. Bradley from his time serving in the Second World War. Keeping souvenirs was not uncommon among war veterans, since many simply wanted to remember their accomplishments and what they fought for.


Souvenir is a collection of images that portray the final battles of World War One. The book includes images from Cambrai, Valenciennes, and the Rhine.

Reproductions of the Documents of Surrender

This portfolio was given to L.T. Bradley by the National War Finance Committee. It includes reproductions of the documents of surrender from Lüneburg, Rheims, Berlin, and Tokyo. It also has photographs of the signings, accompanied with short paragraphs describing the scenes.

Young Canada

Young Canada is an illustrated book advertised to young boys following the First World War. This book included various stories, articles, and illustrations for young people all across the British Commonwealth to enjoy.

Awarded Medals - K.F. Ettinger

Karl Fredrick Ettinger enlisted in the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force in 1916 as a student of Queen's University. For his efforts in the war, he received two medals from the Minister of National Defence.

Le Document

Le Document is a French-Canadian publication that covers various social and political regional issues. This specific edition from February 1940 focused on the topic of conscription in Canada in 1917. 

The editors felt it was their duty to share this information about conscription with the people of Québec, including who supported it, who voted for it, who opposed it, and who refused it.

In Memoriam 1939-1945

This booklet was published following the end of World War Two, to be used during a memorial service. It includes prayers, a brief history of the regiment, and the 'Roll of Honour'.

Holland and the Canadians

For almost the entirety of World War Two, Holland was under occupation by Nazi Germany. Due to their much smaller army, the Dutch were quickly overpowered by the Germans. As an ally of the Netherlands, Canada was heavily involved in the liberation of Holland from Nazi control, as well as during the reconstruction period by providing financial aid and physical resources.

This book attempts to commemorate the achievements of the Canadian army and to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

FLAP Souvenir Issue

This edition of FLAP magazine was published in 1945 as a souvenir issue by the Royal Canadian Air Force. It acts to commemorate Allied pilots by including personal stories and photographs from the war.

La Guerre des Nations

La Guerre des Nations (The War of Nations) was published in 1915 as an illustrated souvenir of the Great War, specifically the role of Canada and Canadians. This edition features photographs of soldiers from all over the world, including Turkey, Egypt, and India,