Carter Family

Soldier Robert G. Carter of the 7th Battalion CEF wrote to his brother Fred Carter in 1914, from the Valcartier military camp in Quebec, before he died overseas of spinal meningitis on 26 March, 1915. His sister, Janet Carter, later reached out to any soldier in the No.1 General Hospital B.E.F. in 1915, and received a response on behalf of Private J. Clements. She also received correspondence in 1918, from a former student, gunner R. Waring. Her life was celebrated in 1975, as a member of the Waterloo County Hall of Fame at Doon Pioneer Village.


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Garrison Sergeants' Mess

Garrison Sergeants' Mess were held in St. John, New Brunswick in honour of the Sergeants of the Canadian Army.

2nd CDAC War Diary

The 2nd Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column of Saint John, New Brunswick, published and distributed the peacetime version of its war diary to veterans of the unit. It includes a list of the current occupations and whereabouts of former members.

First Reunion of the 2nd CDAC

The first annual reunion of the 2nd Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column was held at the Armouries in St. John, New Brunswick, on Saturday, September 29th, 1923. They agreed to make the reunion an annual event, and released this statement along with the program from the first reunion. 

Canadian Legion Membership Card

Paid-up members of the Canadian Legion received official membership cards like these, which were issued to veteran Thomas Mitchell, who enlisted in the 107th Battalion in January 1916.

Great War Veterans' Association

Veteran Thomas Mitchell of Saskatchewan, a member of the Great War Veterans' Association of Canada's Regina branch, used this booklet to record his payment of membership fees to the GWVA from 1919 to 1925.

Canadian Corps Reunion 1938

As German aggression increased in Europe in 1938, the Canadian Corps Association took a firm stand against threats to Canadian security and opted to lead and encourage patriotism in the country.


The Fallen of the Seaforth Highlanders

This book contains a list of officers, NCOs, and soldiers from Vancouver, British Columbia's Seaforth Highlanders who died in the First World War. 

Veterans of different wars

His Majesty's Army and Navy Veterans' Society was established in the late nineteenth century to provide veterans and their families with accessible and affordable recreational activities and social services. Local branches were a congenial environment for veterans returned from the First World War, who were often more comfortable with other former soldiers. 

Remembrance Day Ceremony 1938

The Canadian Legion Halifax branch held a Remembrance Day ceremony at the Halifax War Memorial on November 11th, 1938, in honour of the twentieth anniversary of the armistice.