Sergeants' Mess Dance 1916

This program for the 107th Battalion's Sergeants' Mess Dance at Manitoba Hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 2 March 1916, features the swastika, a Hindu symbol of good fortune.

Grand Naval and Military Display and Tattoo

The Grand Naval and Military Display and Tattoo of September 1933, was an event held to raise funds for the Canadian Legion. The event featured thirteen active units in the Canadian military, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, and more.

Entertainment in Aid of POWs

To raise funds for Canadian prisoners of war imprisoned in Germany, the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Club held an event with numerous musical performances at the Old Victoria Theatre, in Victoria, British Columbia.

Naval Diner

There is not much information about this photograph depicting a Canadian Naval diner. From the photograph however, one can see the Canadian uniforms on some of the sailors relaxing over a cup of tea, along with men and women in civilian clothing. 

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

By May 1916, Regina's Wascana Lodge had already seen twenty-six of its members enlist for active service.

Wascana Lodge.pdf (13.26 MB)

To our heroes, the boys in khaki

This concert, typical of wartime patriotic events, featured musical selections from local artists and one of the city's military bands and a lecture entitled "On land and sea, with our veterans."

Entertainment in wartime

Four ensembles, the Originals, the London Life Troupers, the Tweedsmuir Revue, and the London Little Theatre, performed to entertain men and women in uniform and raise funds for the Citizens Auxiliary War Services Committee.

"Thumbs Up! Beat Hitler"

Torontonians could support the Red Cross by attending this recital, and were also asked to patronize the businesses that supported the cause.

Recycling, Great War style

With the Canadians pulling out of Britain after the First World War, there was a need to use up resources - so, this card for a March 1919 dance at the 3rd Canadian Reserve Battalion was printed on the back of a January 1918 leave permit issued to Toronto soldier Charles Kinsey.

"Propaganda against Propaganda"

Lawrence Hunt was a New York lawyer who emerged as a critic of American isolationism in the Second World War. His writings were published widely in the British Empire and he was a popular speaker on the wartime lecture circuit.