Resource Industries

The Crisis

The federal government encouraged Canadians to preserve resources in 1918. This brochure urged Canadians to preserve their food stuffs to ensure there was enough for soldiers fighting overseas. 

The Crisis.pdf (8.94 MB)

Strategic minerals

The workers of HBM&S processed zinc, copper, and cadmium, and their company magazine not only kept them current on news around the company, but also reminded them that their work was essential to the war effort.

Defending factories and businesses

Pamphlets like this one educated factory and business owners on their wartime responsibilities - both in terms of production and security. It was important that wartime production in Canada maintain an efficient pace and follow the proper security measures to prevent disaster should any industries be threatened by air raids or other domestic threats.

Canada needs wool

To help meet demands for woollen articles for service personnel, this bulletin calls for a nation-wide increase in the number of sheep on farms and a decrease in the civilian use of wool.

Wool Urgent.pdf (3.13 MB)

Wealth in forestry

A brief survey of Canada's pulp and paper industry before and during the Second World War, with projections for the future.

Pulp & paper.pdf (2.44 MB)

Canada's forestry sector

A discussion of how to make the most of Canada's forest resources, both during and after the Second World War.

Iron and steel

This survey of Canada's iron and steel industry begins with a military truism: "Fighting men appreciate steel. We have both dished it out and dodged it."