School Books

Alberta Looks Ahead to the Peace

This short play was to be performed by Alberta schoolchildren of all grades "to promote an understanding of the principles of freedom for which the United nations are fighting."

UN Goodwill Day.pdf (47.06 MB)

Patriotic Drills

Patriotic drill books like this one were found in schools during the First World War, in order to have children engaged with the conflict. This one was printed by the Educational Publishing Co. 


Presented to a school in Steinbach, Manitoba, as part of the War Memorial Library of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, this booklet told the story of Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South African soldiers during the First World War.

Brother Britons.pdf (24.14 MB)

The Canada War Book

This book was issued to schools in New Brunswick as a text-book to instruct students about Canada's role in the war and their duty as Canadians to save money and materials that are needed for Canada's war effort. Although the armistice had been signed before this book was released, the war was technically not over until the Treaty of Versailles was signed in June of 1919.

Canadian Democracy in Action

The Prince Edward Island Department of Education released this book to its schools to describe Canadian democracy and the operation of the government of Canada.

Modern war in school

A Prince Edward Island schoolboy used these exercise books during the Second World War for mathematics and writing; there were six different books in the "Branches of the Service" series.

A school play from 1917

Drill was very popular in Canadian schools before the First World War and became even more popular after 1914, when it was used as a vehicle for patriotic instruction.

Rule Britannia.pdf (2.17 MB)

Patriotic notebooks

Schoolboy Clarence Geddes used these notebooks for History and Geometry classes. They probably date from early in the First World War.

Air Raid Precautions - Protection of Schools and School Children

Part of a larger series, this booklet detailed the necessary steps in protecting schools from potential air raids.

Splendid Aircraft

This book, which combined full-colour artwork and detailed technical drawings, must have been a delight to children raised in an era when aviation occupied such a prominent place in popular culture.