The Way to War and the Second World War

Ontario's Department of Education published this guide for teachers in high schools across the province on how to better instruct students about the key events that led to the start of the Second World War, and Canada's involvement in it. The book begins by identifying the world problem of collective security, and continues through the rise of Nazism in Germany, as well as the crumbling of collective security.

The book includes maps, illustrations, and descriptions of geographical areas of importance to the Allied efforts. There is also a summary of the most important military engagements between the Allied Forces and the Axis Powers, and, finally, an optimistic view of the ultimate victory to come for Canada and its allies. This guide was prepared for use in in Modern World History courses offered to students in grade thirteen. 

Ontario, Ministry of Education, The Way to War and The Second World War: Topics 9 and 10 for Modern World History, Grade XIII (Toronto, February 1943)

book, 56 pages, 24cm x 16.5cm
Ley and Lois Smith War, Memory, and Popular Culture Research Collection - The University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario
Second World War