Inspecting mail for cash

To prevent the drain of US currency from Canada, the government had the power to open mail to ensure that money was not being exported without permission.

Shipping pulp to Minnesota

The shipment of industrial materials was carefully regulated during the Second World War, especially when they were crossing an international border. Unbleached sulphite pulp is an ingredient used to make paper.

Registration of Andrew Woelfle, Paisley

During the First World War, all adult Canadians were required to carry a certificate confirming that they had been "registered for national purposes."

Canada feeds the Allies

This 1918 pamphlet outlined the extent of Canada's agricultural contribution to feeding the Allied nations in the First World War.

National Registration Certificate, 1940

Under the 1940 National Registration Regulations, every citizen had to carry proof of registration at all times. This card was issued to Nellie House of Hamilton, Ontario.

nrcholder.pdf (1.57 MB)

Behind the scenes on butter

A collection of stamps, an envelope, a letter, and a certification card regarding the production of rationed butter.

Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)
Butter Rations.pdf (15.51 MB)

From steelworker to soldier to farmer

The Soldier Settlement Board aimed to turn ex-soldiers of the First World War into farmers, something it did with only limited success. This record, kept by Joseph Morrison of Launching, Prince Edward Island, details his farming successes and failures in 1922.