"Paper is a Munition of War"

During the Second World War, the Wartime Prices and Trade Board printed and distributed labels that allowed envelopes to be reused, as a way to save paper.

Tires rolling to victory

This Sarnia, Ontario, automobile dealership used in its advertising a painting by Ted McCormick "symbolizing unity between industry and war services."

Wartime vacation - business as usual

One way to help Canada's economy in the early years of the Second World War was to encourage American tourists to continue to come north and spend money - hence this pamphlet produced by the federal government.

Cameras and Photography

Photography was subject to government controls during the Second World War, for tourists and locals alike.

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Advertisement for Victory Special

A Second World War advertisement for a patriotic picture frame, aimed at the families of men and women in uniform, probably from 1945.

Have your soldier or sailor photographed

A First World War advertisement for a Toronto photography studio, aimed at the families of men and women in uniform.

Marshal Foch sells insurance!

This picture of Supreme Allied Commander Ferdinand Foch was used to advertise the London Life Insurance Company during the First World War.