Songs of a Sergeant

This book of songs was written by Sergeant J. Atherton, with illustrations by Private H.S. Davis. It was published by the Office of the Franklin Press in Calgary, Alberta.


Written by Private Albert W. Drummond from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the poem describes the experience of an on-duty soldier with the Canadian Army Medical Corps in a military camp.

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Billy's Nightmare

This poem was written by Army Medical Corps’ Private Albert W. Drummond from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was published at the Witley Military Camp overseas in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Remembering Edith Cavell

This non-postal stamp (known as a cinderella) depicts the death of British nurse Edith Cavell, renowned and admired for helping save the lives of hundreds of soldiers. She was executed by German forces in occupied Belgium on 12 October 1915, a death that was widely memorialized around the world. 

The Rose of No Man's Land

Music sheet for the popular song The Rose of No Man's Land by the well-known publishing house Leo Feist. 

Greetings from the Mediterranean!

While stationed in the Mediterranean, artilleryman John S. Thomson sent this V-Mail Christmas card to Mary Thomson (presumably his sister) back in Toronto. 

Greetings from Liberated Holland!

Canada played a major role in the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in the Second World War. Postcards such as this one optimistically portrayed the recently liberated Holland and the Canadian soldiers who helped secure its freedom. 

Merry Christmas from the H.M.C.S. Captor II

Holiday warm wishes sent out from the H.M.C.S. Captor II in Saint John, N.B. by Dick Bickley. 

Season's Greetings from around the world!

Many soldiers who served in the Allied armies during the Second World War were given the opportunity to travel to far away places during different campaigns. These postcards sent by "Sandy" are proof of this. 

Postcards from France and Belgium

A postcard from Antwerp, Belgium, depicting La Place de St. Nicolas. At the very center of the postcard there is a water pump featuring a statue of St. Nicholas at the top. This courtyard still exists today behind a church dedicated to this same patron saint. The sender made sure to assert the beauty of the city, despite the "poor picture".

The second postcard shows L'Hotel de Ville (city hall) and police station of Mazingarbe, France. This town is in the Pas-de-Calais region, Although it was a small village, its people "sure were friendly" according to the sender.