Season's Greetings from around the world!

Many soldiers who served in the Allied armies during the Second World War were given the opportunity to travel to far away places during different campaigns. These postcards sent by "Sandy" are proof of this. 

First, there is a beautifully preserved postcard from Egypt, which features a picture of the Sphinx, near Cairo sent in 1943 to family members. There is also an emotive postcard sent to family members from what seems to be a tropical theatre of war, possibly in the Pacific. Finally, a Victory postcard 'To Mother' sent with love to a family back home waiting for "Sandy" to return and "claim that vacant seat."

Although there is not enough information in the postcard to decisively assert who the sender is, it is likely Sandy was a soldier with the Canadian or British forces between 1942 and 1945. 

Private, Postcards (Egypt, 1942), (Unknown, N.D).

Postcard. 12.5cm x 9cm.
Ley and Lois Smith War, Memory and Popular Culture Research Collection - The University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario
Second World War