Contemporary Accounts

Canadian soldiers in Italy

This booklet provided two first-hand accounts of Canada's participation in the campaign in Italy, beginning with the Sicily landings in July 1943

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Canadian Defence and the Navy Question

Beginning in 1890s, Canadians had weighed in on the naval question, an increasingly contentious issue with no clear national consensus that contributed to the fall of the Wilfrid Laurier government in 1911. This pamphlet notes the re-emergence of the naval issue as a central topic of debate early in the First World War as Canadians confronted the immediate problem of defence.

Canada At War: A Summary of Canada's Part in the War, October 1st, 1941

The "Canada at War" series was intended to serve as up-to-date source material for speakers and for citizens desiring information about Canada's participation in the war. It was revised and issued monthly, containing the most recent available facts and figures.

Canada’s War Record

During the Second World War, the federal government produced frequent updates on the nation's war effort as a quick reference for journalists, politicians, business leaders, and the general public.

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News of the Fighting French

This magazine, printed in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, provided news of the war work of the Free French movement, led by Charles de Gaulle.

Who Shall Rule?

With the implementation of a number of new wartime economic controls by 1917, many Canadians feared that banks and profiteers would take advantage of the situation to profit. This booklet details those concerns, with contributions by former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier and other prominent politicians.

What Quebec Wants

Following the divisive issue of conscription in 1917, this booklet by the Quebec newspaper La Presse outlined some of the major issues confronting French-English relations in Canada.