Tires rolling to victory

This Sarnia, Ontario, automobile dealership used in its advertising a painting by Ted McCormick "symbolizing unity between industry and war services."

Have your soldier or sailor photographed

A First World War advertisement for a Toronto photography studio, aimed at the families of men and women in uniform.

Advertisement for Victory Special

A Second World War advertisement for a patriotic picture frame, aimed at the families of men and women in uniform, probably from 1945.

Marshal Foch sells insurance!

This picture of Supreme Allied Commander Ferdinand Foch was used to advertise the London Life Insurance Company during the First World War.

Pay your premium!

This Winnipeg insurance company used an image of an army jeep to remind people to pay their premiums.

Advertising with the Admiral

Admiral Percy Nelles was Canada's Chief of Naval Staff during the Second World War - but one wonders if he gave his permission for his image to be used on this advertisement from a New Brunswick dry goods store.

Go To It!

This Second World War advertising premium invoked British cabinet minister Herbert Morrison in urging Canadians to buy War Savings Certificates.

Poppy seeds for remembrance

John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields" was among the most widely reproduced Canadian poems of the twentieth century. A lack of copyright protection meant that it could be freely used for almost any purpose, as in this sheet that accompanied a packet of poppy seeds.