The Fallen of the Seaforth Highlanders

This book contains a list of officers, NCOs, and soldiers from Vancouver, British Columbia's Seaforth Highlanders who died in the First World War. 

Veterans of different wars

His Majesty's Army and Navy Veterans' Society was established in the late nineteenth century to provide veterans and their families with accessible and affordable recreational activities and social services. Local branches were a congenial environment for veterans returned from the First World War, who were often more comfortable with other former soldiers. 

Remembrance Day Ceremony 1938

The Canadian Legion Halifax branch held a Remembrance Day ceremony at the Halifax War Memorial on November 11th, 1938, in honour of the twentieth anniversary of the armistice. 

Decoration Day Parade 1922

In 1922, the Great War Veterans Association of Morden, Manitoba held their annual Decoration Day parade on Sunday, August 6th. This program includes the procession of events that would lead the parade from a high school yard to the Memorial Park and cemetery, where wreaths were laid and graves decorated.

Walkerton Veterans Parade

The veterans of Walkerton, Ontario held a parade to honour Doctor Captain Peter F. McCue of the Canadian Army Medical Corps, after his passing at age 51 on April 4, 1930. 

49th Edmonton Regiment Civic Reception

The city of Edmonton, Alberta held a public reception to celebrate the return of the 49th regiment from active service overseas on March 22nd, 1919. This program from the reception contains the names of the returned soldiers, as well as personal correspondence regarding a wounded soldiers pay ;eft inside by its former owner.

Veterans Calendar 1939

This veterans' calendar from the year 1939, features an image of the First Canadian Division landing overseas in 1915.

Remembering the Dead of Westville, Nova Scotia

During the First World War, Westville was at the heart of the coal-mining industry in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. In 1933, one of its churches remembered the dead - and the survivors.

Canada Victory Souvenir

This souvenir from the First World War contains photos of British officials, and Canadian soldiers from the warfront in Europe.

In Loving Memory

Private D.M. Edgar of Hayter, Alberta  the only child of J. and E. Edgar, was killed in action March 31st, 1917.