A Birmingham war bride, 1917

The wedding photo of a woman from Handsworth, near Birmingham, and a gunner of the Canadian Field Artillery in December 1917.

Graduation dinner, Brandon, Manitoba

Course 122 of #12 Service Flying Training School held its graduation dinner in Brandon, Manitoba, in March 1945, when the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was winding down. It was the last class to graduate from the school.

Grad dinner.pdf (39.37 MB)

The life of a soldier

The tribulations of life in the army were satirized in this Second World War postcard series.

Soldier poetry

This little booklet was sold by ex-soldiers to raise money - it can be found in various versions, each carrying a different cover and "author."

Nixon - Verses.pdf (12.35 MB)

Entertainment for convalescents

Community groups near Canadian military facilities often provided entertainment for personnel, like this concert at a hospital near Birmingham.

Christmas Greetings from the CEF

These cards were typical of the commercial greeting cards sold to Canadian soldiers in Britain during the First World War.

Canadian gunners in St Lucia

This dance card belonged to a Canadian gunner whose unit spent part of the First World War on garrison duties on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Satirizing military life

An Ottawa printer released this series of humorous postcards that poked fun at military life during the Second World War.

Fighting on all fronts

These postcards of Canadians in uniform during the Second World War used official government photographs provided by the Department of Public Information.

The Clarion - Dominion Day 1916

This poem, printed in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, is typical of the highly emotional verse that was so common during the First World War.