Introductory Essay

This short essay focuses on education within schools and universities during the Second World War in order to explore the relationship between war and learning. In elementary schools, high schools,…
Canada’s participation in the First World War has often been described as a coming-of-age – a trial by fire that transformed an immature colonial polity into an independent adult nation. Yet despite…

Commencement exercises in St Stephen, New Brunswick

St Stephen High School in New Brunswick honoured the graduating class of 1916 just days before the beginning of the Somme Offensive.

Empire Defenders series

This Second World War cigarette card shows soldiers digging in under enemy fire.

First World War cigarette card

This First World War cigarette card featured King George V as a leader of the Allied war effort.

Marine Bubble Gum series

This Second World War bubble gum card series showing Allied naval vessels was distributed before May 1941, when HMS Hood was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean: HMS Warspite; HMS Jersey; HMIS Hindustan; HMS Illustrious; HMS Aurora; HMS Erebus; HMS Wolfhound; HMS Barham; HMS Belfast; HMS Hood; HMS Penelope; HMAS Adelaide; HMCS St Laurent; HMS Hawkins; HMCS Saguenay; HMS Faulknor; HMS Emerald; HMS Witch.

King George V

An image of King George V, offered as a product premium during the First World War.

For bubble gum card collectors

Most children were interested in collecting the bubble gum cards, rather than in saving the packaging - which is also an interesting example of contemporary graphic art.

Army Corps and Divisional Signs

John Player & Sons Cigarette Company released a series of collectors cards titled "Army Corps & Divisional Signs 1914-1918." Originally there were only 50 in the series, but two more sets were released. In total, there are 107 in the collection.