Introductory Essay

Volunteering was an integral part of the “total war” Canadians experienced during the First and Second World Wars, offering civilians a meaningful and practical way to contribute to the national war…

Raising funds for ex-soldiers' families

This song, written in honour of the Prince of Wales, who visited Canada immediately after the First World War, raised money for the Soldiers' Aid Commission of Ontario, which assisted the families of ex-soldiers in financial distress.

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Law on Charities Relating to the War

This booklet outlines various components of the law governing charitable organizations during wartime.

Canadian War Services Fund, 1941 campaign

This letter reveals the impressive totals raised in the campaign to aid the Canadian Legion War Services, the IODE, the Knights of Columbus Canadian Army Huts, the Salvation Army Red Shield Fund, and the YMCA and YWCA War Services: over $613,000 in British Columbia, and over $7.2 million (over $106 million in 2012 values) in Canada as a whole.

$300 million for the war effort

The First World War was over when this Victory Loan campaign was launched, but there were still bills to be paid.

A financial dagger pointed at the heart of Berlin

Canada's third Victory Loan campaign - symbolized by a Commando dagger - aimed to raise $750 million; ultimately, $991 million was subscribed, thanks to some of the innovative measures suggested in this brochure.

Taking care of soldiers' families

The Canadian Patriotic Fund was established to provide for the families of men in uniform who had been left destitute by the enlistment of the breadwinner. Thomas Murray, a native of Newfoundland, had enlisted in the 212th Battalion in August 1915, and later served with the 61st Battalion.

News from the Salvation Army

This monthly newsletter detailed the extensive war work of the Salvation Army, from providing welcome centres for Canadians in uniform around the world to raising money for the Canadian War Services Fund.

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Victory Bond parade

The theme of the 7th Victory Loan campaign, which opened in October 1944, was "Invest in Victory." There were nine campaigns in total, and together they raised roughly $12 billion.

Supporting the Canadian Red Cross Society

The donation from the Eyford family is the equivalent of roughly $47 in 2012 values, a generous gift from a rural community.

Buy war savings certificates

Encouragement to invest in support of the war was everywhere in wartime Canada, like on this ink blotter from an insurance company in Guelph, Ontario.