Company Newsletters

Halifax powers the war

Prevented from doing so during the Second World War because of the need for secrecy, Nova Scotia Light and Power later told its war story in a series of radio broadcasts, and then condensed the broadcasts into a fully illustrated souvenir magazine in 1946.

The printing business in wartime

This souvenir publication by a Winnipeg printing and lithographing business honoured employees who had volunteered for military service and detailed the company's wartime work.

War industries in Manitoba

This government publication featured success stories of Manitoba manufacturing, including Winnipeg's MacDonald Brothers Aircraft Limited, which assembled Avro Anson twin-engined aircraft to be used in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

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Telephones at war

This bi-monthly magazine included features on air raid precautions in telephone exchanges, operators training in rifle skills, employees in uniform, and fund-raising and charitable activities.

Manitoba Calling

The monthly magazine of Manitoba's government-run radio network was always full of wartime material: letters from staff members on active service, stories of fund-raising efforts, features on the BBC's reportage from the front, the work of the Canadian Red Cross and other voluntary organizations, and human interest stories covering different aspects of the war effort.

Wartime hints from BC Electric

The monthly newsletter carried a wide range of advice and suggestions: slip-covering furniture rather than purchasing new; maintaining kitchen appliances that could not be replaced; the importance of walking in a time of gasoline rationing; recipes for such things as pickled walnuts and mint tinkle; canning fruits and vegetables; and stretching coffee and tea rations.

"Victory Is Our Business"

Defence Industries Limited opened a munitions plant in Pickering Township, Ontario, in 1941, and the town of Ajax grew up around it. The plant employed some 9000 workers at its peak and filled forty million shells of various sizes over the course of the Second World War.

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News from a paper company

This British Columbia paper company reported on employees in uniform and fund-raising efforts in its monthly newsletter.

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