Food and Nutrition on the Home front

Learning Goals:

Students will develop an understanding of the food rationing that Canada implemented during the Second World War in order to provide food for the U.K. and war effort generally. They will also learn how Canadians dealt with rationing in creative ways and how nutrition was a very important aspect of the war effort at home.

Lesson Synopsis:

This lesson will focus on the home front, specifically rationing and nutritional campaigns. The teacher will provide students with historical information to frame their activity through a slideshow presentation and note taking. Students will then be tasked with researching a recipe or food item through and creating a display for the class. The display will include a historical “blurb” on how the item helped the war effort, the ingredients used, and how it fit into rationing, as well as the recipe itself.

Provincial Curriculum
British Columbia: Social Studies 11, Manitoba: Social Studies 11, Ontario: Grades 10 and 12, Newfoundland and Labrador: Canadian History 1201
Lesson Plan Category