Canada's War Record

The changes brought upon Canadian society by the outbreak of the Second World War were far-reaching in scope and intensity. These effects were felt by all Canadians, although some changes brought along more evident consequences. For example, the shift in Canadian demographic composition as a result of the thousands of men enlisting for military service was apparent. Other changes were just as significant even if less conspicuous, such as being unable to buy gas on Sundays or between 7pm and 7am. 

The Canada's War Record pamphlets were commissioned by the Director of Public Information to summarize the changes, challenges and sacrifices endured by Canadians during the Second World War, such as the ones described above. The pamphlets were the condensed version of a larger, more detailed publication called "Canada at War" compiled under the authority of the Ministry of National War Services. 

Featured here are the September 1939 to September 1942 revised edition (CWR 1), an August 1941 edition focused on US-Canada relations (CWR 2), and an October 1941 edition (CWR 3). 

Canada, Director of Public Information, Canada’s War Record, 1 June 1941; revised to 1 November 1941; revised to 1 December 1941; April 1942
Pamphlets. (CWR 1:14.5cm x 10cm); (CWR 2:14.5cm x 10cm); (CWR 3:17cm x 10cm).
Ley and Lois Smith War, Memory and Popular Culture Research Collection - The University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario
Second World War