For War Brides from Britain

During and after the First World War, thousands of British war brides crossed the Atlantic to start new lives in Canada. During the Second World War this phenomenon continued, with thousands more newly-wedded women made the same journey to Canada. The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), a charitable organization that supported Canada-Britain relations, prepared a guide for war brides arriving in Canada from Britain with general information about the country as well as advice on how better to integrate to Canadian culture. The booklet also included a map of Canada featuring the major urban centers and the distances between principal points, to illustrate the size of war brides' new home.

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, War Brides Guide (Toronto, ON: n.d. [1944])

map, 37.3cm x 23.4cm; booklet. 48 pages, 14.5cm x 10cm
Ley and Lois Smith War, Memory, and Popular Culture Research Collection - The University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario
Second World War