The Rileys return to Hamilton

The RHLI, nicknamed the Rileys, fought in the Dieppe raid and through the campaign in north-west Europe, returning to Hamilton, Ontario, in 1945.

An officer comes home

The card that every family longed to get, giving notification of the return home of a loved one in uniform.

The Canadians leave Aldershot

The first Canadian soldiers reached Aldershot in southern England in October 1939 to establish Canadian bases there; six years later, the city held a ceremony to bid them farewell.

Veteran's ticket for YMCA

Distributed to demobilized soldiers by the YMCA, this card allowed them to use the Association's facilities for six months after they returned home.

Knight of Columbus Catholic Army Huts

The Knights was one of the many aid organizations that provided comforts to Canadian soldiers returning home at the end of the First World War.

Struck off treatment strength, 1920

This document indicated that Edward Robertson, a Vancouver logger who enlisted in the 158th Battalion in May 1916, had completed medical treatment through the Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment.

Welcome Home to Halifax

The Canadian Red Cross Society, the Knights of Columbus, the YMCA, and the Halifax Citizens Committee distributed these cards to soldiers returning to Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the end of the First World War.

Welcome Home to Regina

The Returned Soldiers' Welcome and Aid League distributed these cards to soldiers returning to Regina, Saskatchewan, at the end of the First World War.

An officer sails for home

These cards were important documents for the trip home of Lieutenant J.R. Sams in 1945.

Welcome home to Fort William

This card, with a verse by Pauline Johnson, was given to soldiers returning to the city of Fort William, Ontario, after the First World War.