War in the Classroom

Learning Goals: 

The purpose of this lesson is to show students, through presentations and activities, how the Second World War altered not only the lives of those on active service, but of those on the home front, particularly in schools. The focus is on how the war affected the content that was learned in the classroom.

Lesson Synopsis:

The lesson will first explore the differences between schools during the Second World War and today. Students will learn about differences in subjects taught, who went to school, etc. The teacher will give them a sample lesson of the topics taught during the Second World War as outlined in Defence Training. Students will form groups of three to five and create their “mock” lesson by following the instructions in the handout as well as exploring wartimecanada.com


Provincial Curriculum
BC.: Social Studies 11, Manitoba: Social Studies 11, Ontario: Grades 10 and 12, Newfoundland and Labrador: Canadian History 1201
Lesson Plan Category