Illustrated War News, April 26, 1916

The Illustrated War News was a weekly British magazine produced during the First World War. Each issue contains photographs, drawings, articles, and maps portraying the allied war effort, for readers in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Newfoundland.

Daring Strategy and Courage

The Navy League of Canada released this booklet to schools to educate children about the valiant deeds of Canada's Navy.

Canada's Part in the Great War

This booklet provides a brief overview of Canada's contribution to the First World War, written shortly after the end of the war. Learn about Canada's military operations, naval service, changes in government finances, war production and trade, home-front rationing, and services for returned soldiers.

Canadian Army Training Pamphlet No. 8: How to Qualify

This pamphlet describes the qualifications for holding officer ranks up to Lt. Col. in the Canadian Army.

Basic and Battle Physical Training Part IX: Boxing and Wrestling

This book, part of a series of training pamphlets that replaced the 1942 Physical Training series, describes the basics of boxing and wrestling and their military uses.

Brief Notes on War Gases and Spray

This pamphlet instructs soldiers on the various war gases they may encounter, how to recognize them, and how to protect yourself against them.

Attack and Defence: Unarmed Combat in Pictures

Ever wonder how to fight an armed Nazi with your bare hands? Look no further. Mixed Martial Arts, 1940s style!

Infantry Training Part VI: The Anti-Tank Platoon 1943

The UK War Office produced and issued a series of short training manuals used by both the British and Canadian armies. Collectively, these manuals established the doctrine, or tactical procedures, for both armies throughout the war. This 1943 manual concerns the operation of the anti-tank platoon.

Army Physical Drill Made Easy

This training manual describes everything an officer needs to know about leading his men through physical training, including diagrams of the proper positions for exercises and simplified language to make sure everyone can understand.

Exempted from conscription

Men who had been given exemptions under the Military Service Act were required to complete this questionnaire to justify their claim. It pays particular attention to men employed in the agricultural sector.