A marriage overseas

When a Canadian soldier married overseas, it was important that the paperwork be submitted to the proper authorities, to ensure that pay and allowances were credited to the right person.

Your country needs you!

At a time when volunteers were becoming increasingly difficult to find, recruiters in London, Ontario, tried to put the most positive gloss possible on enlistment.

Farewell to a Montreal conscript

The message to Paul St Louis, who was conscripted into the CEF in June 1918, reads, "Des salut a toute tes amis, tous les joueurs de base-ball et tous les autres [sic]."

Some Notes on the Minor Tactics of Trench Warfare

A Brigade Major of the Corps of Royal Engineers presents a thorough overview of trench warfare tactics, emphasizing the cooperation between infantry and engineers.

Canadian Defence and the Navy Question

Beginning in 1890s, Canadians had weighed in on the naval question, an increasingly contentious issue with no clear national consensus that contributed to the fall of the Wilfrid Laurier government in 1911. This pamphlet notes the re-emergence of the naval issue as a central topic of debate early in the First World War as Canadians confronted the immediate problem of defence.

Military Pass, 1917

Fleetwood Berry of Meaford, Ontario, was issued this pass to absent from his barracks in Toronto in 1917. Similar passes were issued to soldiers going on leave.

His Country's Call

A typical patriotic image from the First World War, by British artist Cyril Cuneo.

Join the 150th Battalion!

"There's lots happening here - join us in the 150th Battalion" - a recruiting postcard drawn by artist Louis Keene and sent from Amherst, Nova Scotia, where the Montreal unit was training.

King George and Queen Mary’s Club

This leaflet was distributed as an introduction a London rest club for the Empire’s soldiers during the First World War.

Exemption from conscription

Carl Atkins was exempted under the Military Service Act on the grounds that he was physically unfit for military service.

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