Chips and airplanes

Distributed with potato chips as a product premium during the Second World War, these cards depicted famous Allied aircraft: Hawker Hurricane: Supermarine Spitfire; Bristol Blenheim IV; Blackburn Skua; Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk; Bell Airacobra; Lockheed B-14 Hudson; North American NA-73; Bristol Beaufort; Sunderland Flying Boat; Avro Anson; Fairey Swordfish; Blackburn Roc; Consolidated B-24; Douglas DB-7 Boston; Vickers-Armstrong Wellington; Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley IV; North American Harvard; Westland Lysander; Vickers-Armstrong Stranraer; Lockheed P-38; Fairey Battle; Boeing B-17E; Brewster Buffalo; Grumann XF4F-1; Consolidated model 28; Martin 167; Fleet model 60; Miles Master.

Golden Saratoga Potato Chips card series – Saratoga Products, Toronto, Ontario, c1941

War, Memory and Popular Culture Archives - The University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario
snack cards, 7.7cm x 5.8cm