War Memorials

Canadian Pacific Railway war memorial

The CPR erected three identical war memorials in its main stations in Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. A hand-written note on the back of this postcard reads "Folks who have lost put fresh flowers on in memory."

War relics at Annapolis Royal

After the First World War, Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, featured an extensive display of wartime artifacts, including a German 105mm field gun that had been captured by Canadian units.

War memorial, Sudbury, Ontario

A memorial service at the cenotaph in Sudbury, Ontario, c1930.

War memorial, Canning, Nova Scotia

The war memorial in Canning, Nova Scotia, c1930.

War Trophy

A young woman poses on a German artillery piece, captured by Canadian units in September 1918 and brought back to Canada as a war trophy.