War Memorials

Brantford - The Telephone City

This fund-raising booklet said little about Brantford in the First World War, but rather used photographs of local landmarks and statuary as a form of civic boosterism.

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To the people of Maganetawan

The school in Maganetawan, in northern Ontario, dedicated an impressive plaque to townspeople who served during the First World War, and also distributed handsome souvenir portfolios of the memorial.

The grave of a Canadian soldier

Nelson Hodgson of the 1st Divisional Ammunition Column, was killed in the fighting around Passchendaele in November 1917. This photograph of his grave near Ypres, Belgium, was sent to his family in Guelph, Ontario.

One municipality, forty-four dead

The unveiling ceremony for this rural Manitoba war memorial included scripture readings, a song by local schoolchildren, an address by the provincial premier, and a reading of John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields."

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Morden WM.pdf (13.55 MB)

Remembering in Pilot Mound

Veterans in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, organized this annual service to honour the dead of the First World War.

A war memorial altar

As part of the ceremonies marking the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation in 1927, the future King Edward VIII dedicated the altar in the Memorial Chamber, a national war memorial in the newly rebuilt Houses of Parliament. The altar would later be the resting place of the Books of Remembrance, listing all of Canada's war dead.

From memorial to playground

Captured German artillery pieces were sent to Canada as war trophies after the First World War. Intended to act as monuments, they often became playthings for children.

Raising funds for a war memorial

After the Second World War, Shawnigan Lake School in British Columbia launched a campaign to raise money for scholarships and improvements to the school, to honour former students who had been killed while in uniform.

Memorial windows in Dundas

Just a year after the end of the First World War, the Methodist Church in Dundas, Ontario, unveiled two splendid stained-glass windows in honour of its war dead.

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"God bless our noble womenfolk"

This song looking back at the war from 1921 was unusual in giving equal attention to its impact on women as well as men.