Charitable Organizations

A guide for Canadians in London

With this guide, Canadians on leave in London could find accommodation, clubs, and hospitality centres run by a variety of organizations, including the YMCA, the Knights of Columbus, and the Salvation Army.

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Socks for France

A soldier could rarely have too many pairs of socks. This French-based charity had offices in Paris, Montreal, Toronto, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Supplies for the troops at the front

Early in the First World War, the Canadian Fields Comforts Commission was the main agency involved in sending clothing, reading material, toiletries, and sweets to soldiers at the front.

Comforts for soldiers

During the First World War, the YMCA was a major supplier of comforts to soldiers, which were often distributed through huts like this one, at the large Canadian camp at Witley, in the south of England.

Red Triangle Tours of London

The YMCA offered sightseeing tours of London to Canadians in uniform through its Beaver Hut in The Strand.

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Knights of Columbus Hotel, London

The Knights of Columbus was one of the many organizations that offered accommodations to servicemen and women on leave during the Second World War. The note on the back reads: "Dear Mother: Got a nice room here for the week-end after arriving in London at 8 o'clock yesterday morning from Glasgow. Love, Bill."

Salvation Army Hotel for Soldiers, London

During the Second World War, the Salvation Army operated dozens of rest facilities for Canadians in uniform, like this one in London's former West Central Hotel.

Canadians Awake! Our Land's At Stake!

Franked in 1941 with the distinctive "V for Victory" postmark, this commemorative cover was auctioned to raise money for British war victims.

“Muggins” the fund-raising dog

“Muggins” collected over $6000 for the Canadian Red Cross Society in Victoria, British Columbia, during the First World War.