World War II

Imperial Oil Review, Summer 1943

Imperial Oil published this magazine periodically to inform shareholders and employees about the petroleum industry in Canada, including Imperial Oil's role in Canada's war effort.

Imperial Oil Review, Summer 1940

Imperial Oil published this magazine periodically to inform shareholders and employees about the petroleum industry in Canada, including Imperial Oil's role in Canada's war effort.

Order of Divine Service for the Canadian Army

The order of service used by the Canadian Army on all occasions except regular church service.

Military Training Pamphlet No. 23 Part III: Appreciations, Orders, Intercommunications and Movements 1939

This booklet is part of a series training Canadian troops on field operations, including how to evaluate a situations, issue orders, and send messages.

Operational Feeding: The Use of Field Rations

This booklet describes the rations that Canadian soldiers can expect during operations in the field, and carefully explains why the food available will be different from the food they received at home. After all, "to ship field bakeries instead of, say, field batteries, would be weakening the Force."

Notes for Instructors in Battle First Aid

This instruction manual describes how to perform first aid with the limited resources available during battle.

Mean Scamp-f: A Humorous Pictorial Record of the War

This collection of comic strips by Harry Hall, a soldier of WWI, provides a humorous depiction of the war so far and mercilessly mocks enemy leaders.

How to See Paris

This guidebook describes the monuments, architecture, and other tourist attractions of interest to Allied soldiers in Paris, after its liberation in WWII.

Homeward Bound

This pamphlet tells soldiers what they need to know to get back home from overseas, now that the war is over.

View PDF: Homeward Bound.pdf

Guide to London for Allied Visitors

This guidebook to London describes everything that London has to offer to allied visitors, even in the middle of the war, from museums, to underground railways, to theatres.

Gasoline Licence and Ration Coupon Book

Gasoline use in Canada was limited during the war through the use of ration coupon books like this one.

Field Engineering (All Arms) No. 30: Protective Works

This pamphlet instructs field engineers on constructing protective works including mortar emplacements, weapon slits, and shelter for troops.

Field Engineering (All Arms) No. 30: Obstacles

This pamphlet provides instructions for constructing obstacles in the field, to defend against enemy tanks and infantry.

Dismiss, but what of a job?

This booklet describes the governmental services available to soldiers once they return home, including training programs, social services, and tips on how to find employment.

Daring Strategy and Courage

The Navy League of Canada released this booklet to schools to educate children about the valiant deeds of Canada's Navy.

Canadian Red Cross in War and Peace

This booklet describes the services offered by the Canadian Red Cross in the past, during the war, and in the peacetime to come.

Food for Health in Peace and War

The Canadian Medical Association released this booklet of nutritional information, cooking instructions, and shopping tips to teach housewives the proper kind and amount of food to buy, to keep the entire family strong and healthy during wartime.

Victory Cook Book

This collection of recipes was released by the Navy League Chapter of the I.O.E.D. to raise money towards war work. Find out what women on the homefront cooked for their families.

Canadian Democracy in Action

The Prince Edward Island Department of Education released this book to its schools to describe Canadian democracy and the operation of the government of Canada.

Programme for the Coronation of George VI

Though not directly related to the Second World War, this official souvenir programme for the coronation of George VI is a fascinating and detailed examination of this event, celebrated throughout the British Commonwealth. George VI would reign as sovereign of the United Kingdom, and also as King of Canada, throughout the Second World War. He died in 1952. (Note: this is a large file and may take a moment to download.)