World War II

Pull Together Canada!

‘Pull Together Canada’ was a musical review written and performed in support of Victory Loan campaigns during the Second World War.

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National Salvage Campaign

As part of the 1942 National Salvage Campaign, organizers in Fredericton, New Brunswick, encouraged teachers to mobilize their students to collect scrap metal, rags, and rubber.

The Sentinel - Niagara Street Church of Christ

This 1943 bulletin from a Niagara Falls, Ontario, church predicted that Psalm 139 was a favourite of soldiers.

"A world weltering in war"

In January 1942, an Ottawa, Ontario, man printed an open letter that interpreted the causes of the Second World War from a Christian perspective.

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Philo Woitas, “War”

In September 1939, a church magazine in Holland, Manitoba, printed this poem about the coming of war.

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An officer sails for home

These cards were important documents for the trip home of Lieutenant J.R. Sams in 1945.

The United Nations in Action

This pamphlet, published to mark United Nations Day in 1943, looked forward to a more peaceful world after the Second World War.

Advertisement for Victory Special

A Second World War advertisement for a patriotic picture frame, aimed at the families of men and women in uniform, probably from 1945.

National Registration Certificate, 1940

Under the 1940 National Registration Regulations, every citizen had to carry proof of registration at all times. This card was issued to Nellie House of Hamilton, Ontario.

Remembrance Day service

The Remembrance Day service in Bathurst, New Brunswick, probably early in the Second World War.


Canada’s War Record

During the Second World War, the federal government produced frequent updates on the nation's war effort as a quick reference for journalists, politicians, business leaders, and the general public.


Wartime Pickles and Relishes

A Second World War pamphlet describing alternative garnishes in light of wartime restrictions on the use of sugar.

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Wartime Jams and Jellies

A Second World War pamphlet on making creative use of peaches, apples, and other late summer fruits.

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Canning Fruits and Vegetables

Proper procedures for food preservation and storage are outlined in this Second World War pamphlet.

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Home Preservation of Meats, Poultry, Fish and Soups

A Second World War guide to safe preserving, to guard against waste or loss of food.