World War II

Hope for the peace

Respected diplomat and future prime minister Lester Pearson sees the future of peace in the power of collective action in the international arena.

"Why not a Canadian Hollywood?"

The head of the National Film Board sees in the postwar era the opportunity for Canada to expand its cultural industries, particularly film.

Canada looks south

A journalist sees great potential in Canada extending economic and political relations with the nations of Central and South America after the Second World War.

Science after the war

A survey of developments in science, medicine, and technology as they might influence Canada's postwar prospects.

Prosperity in the north

A geography professor argues that the key to Canada's postwar prosperity lies to the north.

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Canada looks to the Pacific Rim

Noted historian Arthur Lower surveys the postwar prospects for Canadian economic engagement with the Pacific region.

War trophies at Christmas

Mixing images from two wars, Bernie's Christmas card featured spiked German field guns from the First World War and the V for Victory Morse code sign from the Second World War.

Save for the war effort

The patriotic cover art provided an introduction to a parable, originally published in 1938, on the value of thrift in an emergency.

Getting veterans back on their feet

Booklets such as this one were distributed widely, to allay the fears of people in uniform that they might be left destitute when the war was won.

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Airplanes with breakfast

These cards were distributed in packages of Toasted Prairie Nuts, Toasted Rice Nuts, and Bracer cereal.

Snacks, ships and airplanes

These cards were distributed during the Second World War in packages of Golden Saratoga potato chips.

2nd Tactical Air Force

This brief summary of the tactical use of air power was published just months before the Normandy invasion, when Allied mastery of the skies would be a critical factor in victory.

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Put your money behind the war effort!

"Within your heart there lives an heroic spirit," begins this pamphlet which shows how those who cannot fight should buy Victory Bonds.

Canadian soldiers in Italy

This booklet provided two first-hand accounts of Canada's participation in the campaign in Italy, beginning with the Sicily landings in July 1943

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Songs for Canadians in uniform

Distributed to Canadian serviceman and servicewomen during the Second World War, this song book contained a mixture of patriotic anthems, romantic ballads, hymns, and humorous songs.

Will there be jobs?

The prospect for employment after the Second World War was the subject of this survey co-authored by Leonard Marsh, author of the Marsh Report that laid the groundwork for Canada's social welfare state.

Women after the war

This booklet was intended to provide information and spark debate about the changing place of women in society as a result of the Second World War.

Iron and steel

This survey of Canada's iron and steel industry begins with a military truism: "Fighting men appreciate steel. We have both dished it out and dodged it."

Canada's forestry sector

A discussion of how to make the most of Canada's forest resources, both during and after the Second World War.

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The state of Canadian farming

This booklet surveyed the past, present and future of Canadian agriculture in light of events of the Second World War.