World War I

A visitor at the London cenotaph

Judging by the expressions of the onlookers, the visitor to a London, Ontario, Remembrance Day ceremony, probably in 1939, was not especially welcome.

Yarmouth remembers its dead

On 9 June 1923, the war memorial honouring the dead of the town and county of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, was unveiled, with the names of more than 170 local men and women who had died in uniform during the First World War.

Veterans return to a French village

The 1938 Canadian Corps reunion featured a full-size replica of a typical French village in which soldiers could relive the good times of the First World War.

A Black Watch Christmas card

Probably produced in the 1930s, this card used a First World War image, A. Sherriff Scott's drawing of men of the 42nd Battalion CEF in the trenches near Lens at Christmas 1917.

Betting on the horses for veterans

Veterans groups used every means possible, including pool betting on horse racing, to raise money for the benefit of ex-soldiers and their dependants.

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Christmas wishes from the Premier

Early in the First World War, Ontario Premier Sir William Hearst sent this card to the province's soldiers overseas.

Women in munitions factories

This text was designed to showcase the value of women's work in the munitions manufacturing sector through photographs taken in Canada by the Imperial Munitions Board Engineering Department.

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Canadian cheese at war

One of the many humorous postcards of the First World War, this one provided a recipe for defeating Imperial Germany.

Ex-soldiers of the Ypres Salient

Founded in 1920, the Ypres League was a comrades and commemoration organization that brought together ex-soldiers who had served in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.

Your country needs you!

At a time when volunteers were becoming increasingly difficult to find, recruiters in London, Ontario, tried to put the most positive gloss possible on enlistment.

Cooking for a crowd

This book sought to provide meal solutions for larger institutions, rather than homemakers. During the Second World War it was consulted by a Guelph, Ontario, food distribution company.

A Toc H anniversary

Toc H was a non-denominational organization, established during the First World War by a British chaplain, that spread to Canada in the 1920s and 1930s.

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A Nova Scotia cartoonist on the Kaiser

Kenneth Browne of Windsor, Nova Scotia, served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during the First World War, and published a collection of his own cartoons upon his return home.

Paris ex-soldiers remember

Dominion Day was the occasion for the GWVA's yearly memorial service in Paris, Ontario, to honour fallen comrades.

The Great War Veterans' Association of Paris, Ontario

The ex-soldiers' organization organized a number of concerts in Paris immediately after the First World War, to raise money for its fund that aided destitute veterans.

The Presbyterians of Kirkwall celebrate

This concert featured the works of Scottish favourites such as Harry Lauder and Robbie Burns, as well as a toast to the men and women of Kirkwall parish, in southern Ontario, then serving in uniform.

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Jobs for veterans

The federal government urged ex-soldiers to take advantage of training opportunities to enhance their employability in post-war Canada.

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Canadian War Memorials Exhibition Program

The Canadian Government commissioned artists across the Dominion to document both the Canadian Expeditionary Force overseas, and the impact of the war at home. Many of this war art became part of a traveling exhibit organized by the Canadian War Memorials Fund.

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Information for Ontario veterans

This handy guide was intended to provide quick answers about government programs for ex-soldiers.

Farewell to a Montreal conscript

The message to Paul St Louis, who was conscripted into the CEF in June 1918, reads, "Des salut a toute tes amis, tous les joueurs de base-ball et tous les autres [sic]."