World War I

Canada at War: Speeches Delivered by Robert Borden before the Canadian Clubs

This booklet contains a collection of speeches given by Prime Minister Robert L. Borden before the Canadian Clubs of Toronto, Montrael, Halifax, and Winnipeg in December of 1914.

Canada at War: Speeches Delivered by Robert L. Borden in Canada and the United Kingdom

This booklet contains a collection of speeches given by Prime Minister Robert L. Borden in Montreal, London (UK) and Manchester between December, 1916 and May, 1917.

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Canada at War: Special Session of the Dominion Parliament, 1914

In this speech before a special session of the Dominion parliament in August of 1914, Prime Minister Robert Borden considers emergency measures to be adopted by the government in response to the outbreak of war in Europe.

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Robert Borden in New York

In this speech given to the Lawyers' Club of New York City in November 1916, Prime Minister Robert L. Borden discusses the relationship between Canada and the United States.

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Canada at War: Imperial Conference, 1917

Prime Minister Robert Borden gave this speech to the House of Commons, commenting on the Imperial War Conference of 1917.

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Anniversary of the Battle of Courcelette

The battle at Courcelette was part of the larger Somme offensive during the First World War. The battle was launched on the 15th of September in 1916, and marked the debut of the Canadian and New Zealand troops in the battle of the Somme. This publication was released during the Second World War to mark the 25th anniversary of the Canadians at Courcelette.

Wartime Propaganda

Writing during the interwar period, the author reflects on the perceived deception of Canadian Society by Allied propaganda during the First World War.

The suspension of horse-racing in Canada

This booklet, published by the Connaught Park Jockey Club in Aylmer, Quebec, argues against the wartime suspension of horse-racing in Canada.

What Quebec Wants

Following the divisive issue of conscription in 1917, this booklet by the Quebec newspaper La Presse outlined some of the major issues confronting French-English relations in Canada.

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Who Shall Rule?

With the implementation of a number of new wartime economic controls by 1917, many Canadians feared that banks and profiteers would take advantage of the situation to profit. This booklet details those concerns, with contributions by former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier and other prominent politicians.

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A soldier-settler in Simcoe County

In July 1916, Charles Coster enlisted in the 238th Battalion in New Liskeard, Ontario. After the war, he applied to the Soldier Settlement Board and eventually acquired land near Waterford, Ontario - the documents suggest that the transaction was not without its difficulties.

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Everything is Expensive ... Why?

By 1917, Canadians were experiencing a steep rise in the cost of living. A number of Canadians called for the Borden government to implement a system of wartime price-fixing to alleviate the strain of inflation. While systems of food and fuel control would be adopted in mid-1917, formal price-fixing was never adopted. This booklet contemplates the issue and questions why Canadians should be subject to such inflation during wartime.

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Stories and Poems of the Great War

Following the close of the greatest conflict the world had ever seen, many Canadians sought to commemorate their experiences. Booklets like this one contained poems and stories reflecting on wartime experiences and contemplating the meaning of what had transpired during the four-year conflict.

"Win the War" and Lose Canada

By 1917, war weariness had become apparent among many Canadians. This was heightened as the issue of conscription was thrust to the forefront of the political scene. Henri Bourassa and other anti-conscriptionists presented their views in this pamphlet, and many others like it. Among the contributors are Bourassa himself and the federal Minister of Agriculture, Sydney Fisher. Opposition to conscription was grounded on a number of reasons, not limited to the weakening of domestic manpower and the perceived threat to the economic wellbeing of the country. Furthermore, conscription was an apparently divisive issue that, Bourassa argued, would lead to "national disunion and strife".

The Pope and the War

This pamphlet examines the broader impact of the war since it began in 1914, particularly in the realm of religion. The author explores the meaning of conflict within the context of Catholic teachings. Such pamphlets were commonly distributed by the Catholic Church in Canada throughout the duration of the war.

"Action Catholique" and the War

Olivar Asselin, an associate of Henri Bourassa, details his opposition to Canada's participation in the war in this pamphlet.

Memorial windows in Dundas

Just a year after the end of the First World War, the Methodist Church in Dundas, Ontario, unveiled two splendid stained-glass windows in honour of its war dead.

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A Chaplain's Christmas message

Montreal clergyman Allan Shatford enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 and eventually ministered to Canadian soldiers overseas. He usually prepared a special Christmas message to the troops and distributed it in booklet form.

The Canadian Daily Record

Distributed free of charge through all Canadian military units in Europe, the "Record" contained a mix of international and domestic news, to keep soldiers informed of what was going on in the wider world. It was printed on thin newsprint, so many of the surviving copies are in poor condition.

Winners of the Victoria Cross

To assist people who were called upon to give public addresses about the war, the federal government provided this digest of Victoria Cross-winning deeds, which could be used to add interest to any speech.

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