Canadian Army Medical Corps Photo Album with Various Scenic Photos and Portraits

This photo album comes from London, Ontario. It features several photos with handwritten captions on photos that depict various elements of life at this time. We see photos of Mr. and Mrs. Dechtro, Miss Frances McCabe as a child, Mr. Frank Lafleur, Mr. Thomas Cat, Mrs. Emma Seven Oaks and sister, Lydia Jahnke, Mrs. Grace Raubolt and son, Miss Agnes Davies, Mr. Nick Poulas, Sergeants McFee and Shaw, “Frenchy and Scotty,” Geo Latimer, Sergeant Major McDonald, Harriet and Isabell Raubolt, Mr. and Mrs. Higgivson, the “Riot Squad” in London, Ontario, Isabell Powell, Sergeant D. G. Powell, Jack Timney, Lance Corporal Borke, and Nellie Bronk. There are also photos in locations such as Dallas, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, London, Ontario, Niagara, Hyde Park, England and Toronto, Ontario. Along with these photos, there are several shot so the Canadian Army Medical Corps which was founded in London, Ontario in 1916 and these photos depict various men in the CAMC camp in London. There are photos of troops aboard the STR Casandria, the 13th battalion of Canadian Engineers and an unidentified London nurse who was buried at sea. There are also several captioned photos that do not contain names or location, as well as some scenic shots including one of an iceberg taken off the coast of Newfoundland.
The Ley and Lois Smith War, Memory and Popular Culture Research Collection, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
17.7x13.4 cm