Victory Loans and War Savings

A financial dagger pointed at the heart of Berlin

Canada's third Victory Loan campaign - symbolized by a Commando dagger - aimed to raise $750 million; ultimately, $991 million was subscribed, thanks to some of the innovative measures suggested in this brochure.

Victory Bond parade

The theme of the 7th Victory Loan campaign, which opened in October 1944, was "Invest in Victory." There were nine campaigns in total, and together they raised roughly $12 billion.

Buy war savings certificates

Encouragement to invest in support of the war was everywhere in wartime Canada, like on this ink blotter from an insurance company in Guelph, Ontario.

Total war, total effort: an appeal for war savings

This pamphlet presents an appeal by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King for increased fundraising efforts on behalf of the people of Canada. Anticipating an increase in wartime demands in the following months, King explains the importance of "total war" and the critical role played by people on the home front.

The Safest Investment in the World

The Better Business Bureau encouraged patrons to consult professionals before spending their war savings and victory bonds. This "Before you invest - investigate" motto was especially meant to protect from racketeers and swindle schemes.

A Victory Bond buyer lives here

These cards were intended to be placed in a home or business window, as proof that the individual had supported the war effort by purchasing Victory Bonds.

"Buy me a Victory Bond, Daddy"

Fund-raising advertisements often used images of children to encourage their parents to donate generously.

Supporting the Victory Loan

This card was designed to be placed in a home or business window, to indicate that the owner had supported the Victory Loan campaign.

Saving for the war effort

Like countless Canadians, Annette Waterman of St Thomas, Ontario, invested heavily in Canada's war effort by purchasing War Savings Certificates and Victory Bonds.

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War Savings for Christmas

This little card from an insurance company was intended to remind Canadians to support the war effort at Christmas, by buying War Savings Certificates.

Save for the war effort

The patriotic cover art provided an introduction to a parable, originally published in 1938, on the value of thrift in an emergency.

Put your money behind the war effort!

"Within your heart there lives an heroic spirit," begins this pamphlet which shows how those who cannot fight should buy Victory Bonds.

Speed the Victory!

Every imaginable device, such as this ink blotter, was used to promote the sale of Victory Bonds during the Second World War.

War Savings Stamps at Christmas

This Christmas card, produced by the federal government during the Second World War, was intended to make it easy for Canadians to support the war effort through War Savings Stamps.

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Buy Victory Bonds

This ink blotter was distributed during one of the Victory Loan campaigns of the Second World War.

Pull Together Canada!

‘Pull Together Canada’ was a musical review written and performed in support of Victory Loan campaigns during the Second World War.

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