Veterans Groups and Publications

Saskatchewan veterans raising funds

The Canadian Legion branch in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, grew from the town's Great War Veterans' Association branch, founded in December 1918. In the 1930s, Legion members were involved in an effort to build a memorial hospital for the region.

In honour of returning soldiers

Dedicated to the Returned Soldiers’ Association of Winnipeg, Miller's song looked ahead to the day when soldiers would return to their loved ones.

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Veterans return to France

Tourist official in the city of Tours, France, prepared this guide to the local sights for ex-soldiers and their families who visited the area during the Vimy Pilgrimage in 1936.

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The Legion welcomes another veteran

The Canadian Legion was keen to offer advice and assistance to all demobilized Canadians at the end of the Second World War.

Betting on the horses for veterans

Veterans groups used every means possible, including pool betting on horse racing, to raise money for the benefit of ex-soldiers and their dependants.

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Ex-soldiers of the Ypres Salient

Founded in 1920, the Ypres League was a comrades and commemoration organization that brought together ex-soldiers who had served in the Ypres Salient during the First World War.

Paris ex-soldiers remember

Dominion Day was the occasion for the GWVA's yearly memorial service in Paris, Ontario, to honour fallen comrades.

The Great War Veterans' Association of Paris, Ontario

The ex-soldiers' organization organized a number of concerts in Paris immediately after the First World War, to raise money for its fund that aided destitute veterans.

Honouring the Canadian Grenadier Guards

Fifteen years after the end of the Second World War, this Montreal unit laid up its colours in accordance with military tradition.

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Vimy Pilgrims in London

This memorial service, at the Cenotaph in London, was convened as part of the Vimy Pilgrimage of 1936.

Veterans Memorial Service, 1927

In 1927, the Canadian Legion held a special service in Toronto as part of a visit by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) and Prince George (later King George VI).

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